SEA’s youth worker concluded the preliminary Online Course to become an IOC Young Leader

Our Youth Worker Bruno Bidarra participated in a Four-Week Learning Sprint from 8 November to 29 November 2022, the preliminary online course mandatory for anyone wishing to apply to become an IOC Young Leader. We spoke to him to find out how was this experience.

What motivated you to participate in the Four-Week Learning Sprint?

This initiative motivated me first because I was taking a course at the International Olympic Committee, but then I understood that the IOC projects have a very positive impact at the international level, which made me want to take this opportunity to the maximum because it changes the lives of thousands of people and that’s what I want for my life.

What were the main learning outcomes of these 4 weeks of the course?

I feel that my greatest learnings were through examples from some Youth ambassadors. The fact that, for example, a project was implemented in Egypt where a table tennis center was created for people with special needs, has created a huge impact on me. From this example, I remove the phrase “opportunity for everyone” and I feel that this phrase characterizes the IOC projects well. It was also very good to know the processes of creating a project because it will also give me a lot of way in college and in life. Finally, I learned that we have to encompass the objectives of sustainable development in any social project we do.

Which are the next steps to become an IOC Young Leader?

The next steps will be to submit a project, according to the ideology of the IOC, so then i can do it for the IOC as a Youth leader and also implement the project in my locality. If this does not happen in the best way, it was always a pleasure to participate in the 4-week Learning Sprint course and I will continue to volunteer in European Union projects!

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world