Erasmus+ Programme: SEA wiill host a Learning Mobility of young people for the first time

SEA has recently been approved by the Erasmus+Programme from European Union to coordinate and host a youth exchange in Lisbon, for the first time in its history.

“Make Yourself Into the Future (MYFuture)” is the name of this youth exchange, which will last for 11 days, between 60 NEET – young people, who are not in employment, education or training and are disengaged from any kind of social activity – from Portugal and Bulgaria. The main goal of this exchange is to help young NEET people to become active European society members by teaching them important tools to change their current situation. 

The participants of My Future will gain knowledge by using sports and non-formal learning methods (e.g. cooperative learning, experiential learning, shared responsibility, proactivity, etc.), in an interactive environment:
the activities will be led by competent facilitators and experts in the field of non-formal education and the participants will contribute with their skills and personal experiences. This mobility will also allow them to develop key competencies needed to resist the NEET phenomenon, such as empowerment, proactivity, entrepreneurship, fostering teamwork and communication skills.

So, in a more detailed way, participants can aspect to gain:

Knowledge on:

  • NEETs’ situation in Europe and practical measures to fight it and
  • Erasmus + program and mobility opportunities in EU
  • Non-formal education methods and how to use them in practice
  • Importance of participating in sports activities for social inclusion and the development of social skills;
  • General knowledge of the dynamics of the labour market and most useful employability skills


  • How to Pitch
  • How to prepare a Business plan;
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate with others to create new self-employment opportunities
  • Ability to speak in front of an audience and communicate in English
  • To express personal opinions, feelings and weaknesses

Attitudes on:

  • Understanding of non-formal education methods and possibilities to implement and use informal education environment
  • Opinion and individual awareness about different self-promoting practices and knowledge;
  • Individual awareness about the importance of self-development, self-creation and develop critical thinking skills
  • Be goal-oriented

Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world