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Sport Evolution Alliance

About Sport Evolution Alliance

Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA) is a Portuguese non-governmental organisation formed in Lisbon Metropolitan Region at the initiative of a group of sports managers with significant experience in managing and implementing European grants.

We provide services seeking differentiating intervention and advanced solutions for developing policies in the field of health, education and culture, with a particular focus on sport.


Sport Evolution Alliance assumes the following mission, vision and values:

Mission – Contribute to the development of the community through the connection, assistance and application of initiatives associated with sport

Vision – Become a European reference in the field of EU funding in the sports area, promoting the most innovative communitarian trends locally.

Values –

  • Sustainability – Sport Evolution Alliance believes that only through sustainability solutions we will introduce the necessary changes.
  • Excellence – Sport Evolution Alliance seeks excellence, promoting the overcoming of the realities in which it intervenes.
  • Ambition – Sport Evolution Alliance is driven by the constant ambition to practice and generate social development.
We are members of the International Sport and Culture Association – ISCA
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