“Being a more sports-related event offered me incredible networking that I will end up benefit in the future”

This is how João Ferreira, one of SEA’s volunteers, described the 3-days experience in Amsterdam, related to the Active Project. This project centred around the European Youth Goals and aimed to connect young people through democratic and inclusive sport, while also serving as training for the participants involved, as coaches.

The first day kicked off with a small group activity in Vondelpark to allow participants to get to know each other. They were divided by each European Youth Goal and had to portray their Youth Goal in a photo.

The second day started with an icebreaker where, in a circle, we made a gesture portraying our favourite sport activity. Then we continued in the same groups as the first day and had a discussion, first in small groups and then all together, about the Youth Policies.

After short presentations of the coordinators on these topics, we did a little brainstorming and then presented what we understood to be the pillars of the EU Youth Strategy. Before the last activity of the day, which was centred around a hypothetical case in which we would have to use some of what we had learnt, we had a last presentation from the coordinators.

On the last day, we started with a small energizer and before the end of the project, we had a presentation by the Chairwoman of the Belgian Youth FA Council, GraceVeys about the initiative of the Belgian Courts.

According to João Ferreira, this was one of the highlights of these 3 days: “I found it incredible that they brought the President of the Belgian Youth FA and of course, I think that the moments we had outside the activities (Saturday to Sunday) were the highlight of the project because that’s where people get to know each other”.

Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world