Group of volunteers druing the urban sports camp in Budapest

“It was challenging to leave my comfort zone, travel to Hungary, meet new people and practice new sports”

Mariana Magno was one of the SEA’s volunteers who went to Budapest to participate in a Urban Sports Camp, which was part of the UUM project. We went to talk with her, to get a better understanding of what led him to join SEA and how this experience worked out for him. 

Hi Miguel. First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start from the beginning: how did your voluntary journey with SEA begin?

Once I’m involved with sports, volunteering has always been a part of my life, but in a very informal way. I have heard about the UUM project, and I have decided to apply to be a volunteer. I’m fascinated with new experiences, especially with urban sports, which I’m a big fan of. I hope this way I can have fun and also acquire new skills that will improve my employability in the future.

What is your connection to the NGO or the urban sports world?

I had no connection with Sport Evolution Alliance. I was informed about the open call to participate in the project, and I have applied. Now that I know more about their work, I will also try to be more involved in their activities. In regard to Urban Sports, I was always a big fan, but only from the outside, I was always more involved with formal sports, especially Karate. 

How was your experience like at the urban sports camp?

It was challenging to leave my comfort zone, travel to Hungary, meet new people and practice new sports. But in the end, it was amazing, although I must confess that Parkour was very hard. But I gave my best, so I’m happy.

What did you learn in the local event? How did you feel, which challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

I have developed my hard skills, by trying for the first time Parkour and improved my game in Streetball and in Street Workout, which I have already experienced in the past. I was terrified regarding Parkour because the exercises looked very difficult and I’m very demanding with myself regarding failure, but I was very proud because, in the end, I fought my fears. But definitely, the biggest asset of the local event was the development of my soft skills like resilience, problem solving and teamwork.

What are you most looking forward to what’s yet to come in the UUM project?

I am very excited to receive our colleagues and friends in the beautiful village of Cascais in April, and I’m also very anxious about our next meetings abroad. I love to communicate and to meet new people from different cultures. I hope to evolve as a person and that this can help me in my professional life

Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world