Integrating sustainability in athletes’ dietary choices

About The Project

The main goal of this project is to contribute to promote sustainable food consumption and facilitating the shift to healthy, sustainable diets.  The project will support the integration of sustainability in sport nutrition in Germany, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Turkey by:

  • Increasing the knowledge of professional and non-professional athletes and other sports professionals (coaches, trainers, fitness instructors, among others) on sustainable food choices and their effect, not only on the athlete’s health and sports performance but also on the environment, in order for them to change their dietary habits and become role models and agents of change. 
  • Increasing awareness among athletes, sports professionals and organizations on athletes’ dietary choices carbon footprint
  • Enhancing access to dietary guidelines and flexible educational tools for professional and non-professional athletes that are aligned with sustainability principles
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of sports nutrition professionals on the impact diets have on the environment and how they can
    assist athletes to shift to more sustainable diets

To implement this project, the following activities are going to be implemented:

  • Guidelines developed on sustainable diets for athletes addressed to nutrition professionals, professional and non-professional athletes, and other sports professionals
  • Online Training & Awareness Raising Programme on sustainable diets for professional and non-professional athletes and other sports professionals, as sport nutrition professionals
  • Digital Nutrition Education Tool for professional and amateur athletes and other sports professionals, as sport nutrition professionals
  • Policy Recommendations booklet for public authorities and relevant stakeholders, supporting the integration of sustainability into National Dietary Guidelines (for those countries that do not)
  • The development of sustainable dietary guidelines specifically targeted for athletes

Funding programme: Erasmus + Adult Education
Project Reference – KA220-ADU 
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2023
Partners listed:
Coordinator – KMGNE – Germany
Partner – Collaborating Experts Astiki Etairia – Greece
Partner – Bolu provincial directorate of youth and sports – Greece
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Malta Exercise Health and Fitness Association – Malta
Partner – Mathaino Diatrofi Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etairia – Greece
Partner – Formacion Para El Desarrollo e Insercion – Spain    

Total Budget of the Project: 263.630,00 € 
Total Budget of SEA: €35.525,00 €

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