“If I had to describe this experience in one word would be: Transformational” – Carlos Ferreira who participated on Make It Possible youth exchange

In life we have experiences that transcend ourselves and make us reach totally new stages of life. It’s difficult to find the words to sum up such an experience: feelings cannot be explained in words, they must simply be experienced.

Once I first joined the project I didn’t have any clear expectations for it. I was hoping to be a challenge to be out of my comfort zone and learn some useful skills about the subject. My real expectation was just a different experience. I Didn’t expect to live an experience that truly changed my life in all senses.

The first thing I was sure about it once arrived was that I would never forget it. Such a magic experience only, in the beginning, feeling the power of nature and the people reunited. At 30 years old never felt such a connection in such a so short amount of time. I truly identified with what we were doing there.

Each activity was challenging because I was defying myself into a whole new perspective. The funny ones, the team building ones, the outdoor activities, the reflection time. Each one of them has its own characteristics, its own style, its own lesson to be learned.

What most impacted me was the vibration and synchronicity of the group. Young souls looking into them and growing in a fast-paced way. I didn’t expect that ten days could be enough to create such a connection. I’ve found myself sharing a room with strangers that became roommates, then partners, then friends. It was something magical.

Every conversation, every look, every smile, every moment was so beautiful, so perfect that I still don’t believe that this was so real. We climbed mountains, went to the beach, run through a forest, go deep into a cave, we had smiles, tears, fun and lessons for life. We were challenged to do our best, to always look beyond the obvious, to be our true selves.

I’ve learned the incredible power of empathy, of the purpose, of the connection between people. I’ve learned that doesn’t matter the place, it’s the people that are willing to learn, improve, grow and feel which makes all the difference. I’ve learned to challenge myself, to question my beliefs, to be more flexible, and to be a much more team player. I’ve learned that a kind word can make a difference into a person’s life and that each experience leaves in us such wonderful learning. I’ve found there a true reason to be alive.

If I would have to describe this experience in one word would be: Transformational

Written by Carlos Ferreira, SEA's ambassador, about his experience on Make It Possible

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world