“I ended up learning a lot in a non-traditional way (not like in a classroom) which made everything much more dynamic and interesting”

When I was told about Human Rights Education through Sports International Camp, I was not well aware of the connection between Sports and Human Rights. To convince me to go, it was enough to know that the project would take place in Portimão, for 5 days, with participants from all over the European Union.

I took the train to Portimão with no expectations, but with a good feeling. After all, if I didn’t like the Project itself, I was always going to meet different people and cultures and walk around Portimão.

Not liking the Project was not the case at all! Everything they taught me during that week opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities we have to spread Human Rights through Sport. For example, it is possible to change football rules so that we can include everyone, be it the elderly, people with disabilities or others. I have deepened my knowledge about Human Rights but also about different cultures.

I must say that after this week, my English also became much more “trained”. The learning was almost all made through active participation in games and overcoming challenges, which means that I ended up learning a lot in a “non-traditional” way (like in a classroom), which was very good because it made everything much more dynamic and interesting. During the 5 days, there was also a lot of free time and socializing, which was excellent.

This project gave me tools that I will definitely use in my future. I would repeat without hesitation and I recommend to all to participate in this type of project if you have the possibility. It’s really worth it! I can only thank the whole team that made this week possible.

Although I went with no great expectations, I ended the week with the feeling that it was much better than I expected.

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Stay Tuned: Deep dive into SEA’s world