Testing and Feedback - International Youth Camp

About Testing and Feedback - International Youth Camp

“Testing & Feedback – international youth camp” was the second international learning activity of the programme “Back to Basics – Human Rights Education Through Sports”.

The focus of this international activity was on putting the developed tools and methods into practice, testing them with the participants and receiving direct feedback from them on how they could be improved to be more applicable and effective.

The main idea of the programme was to support youth and sport organizations as well as sport and youth workers in developing competencies to act as a multiplier for human rights and human rights education through sports in their realities.

3 SEA Youth Workers participated in this activity, organized by ENGSO Youth, in Portimão. 

See all the pictures of this event here

About the Host - ENGSO Youth

NGSO Youth is the independent youth body of The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation gathering national umbrella organisations for sport from across Europe. ENGSO Youth stands at the forefront of youth sports advocacy at the European level. It gives a voice to the youth sport for-all sector and represents young leaders under the age of 35 in sports in more than 30 countries. 

For questions about this you should contact: secretariat@youth-sport.net 

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