Sustainability - Cycling Opportunities Related To Environment

About S.C.O.R.E

The goal of S.C.O.R.E is to raise awareness about cycling for a better sustainable life, taking into account the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The sub aims of the S.C.O.R.E project are the following:

  • Raise in 5% the number of individuals who are environmentally friendly and healthy 
  • To change transportation habits in an energy-efficient way
  • To encourage 5% of the participants to learn modern communication and e-cycling technologies that integrate cycling into the Intelligent Transportation System of The Cities 
  • To change people’s transportation habits for more environmentally friendly means of transport
  • To organize at least 3 Local Activities related to Sustainability-cycling for engaging more communities
  • To establish a network between associations / foundations / organizations working on sustainable actions
  • To support students’ own activities and entrepreneurial competencies to increase their chances in their future career 

To implement this project, the following activities are going to be implemented:

  • Local activities such as presentations, exhibitions, addressed to all target groups in a communicative manner
  • Organize a local annual awareness days, with collaborative methods
  • In LTT activities, educational trips, seminars, workshops, outdoor activities, discussions, interviews and meetings 
  • Among Others

Funding programme:  Erasmus + School Education
Project Reference – KA220-SCH
Period – 11/2021 to 11/2023
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Institut Cubelles – Spain
Partner – IMKB Mesleki VE Teknik Anadolu Lisesi – Turkey 
Partner – Ehte Humanitaargumnaasium – Estonia
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Manisa Fen Lisesi – Turkey
Partner – Dilettantistica Margherita Sport e Vita – Italy
Partner – Budapesti XX. Keruleti Kossuth Lajos Gimnázium -Hungary

Total Budget of the Project: 250.730,00 €
Total Budget of SEA: 39.105,00 

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