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About Sport Women Leaders

The equal access of women to leadership positions in the governance of the sports movement in Europe is far from being achieved. Our Consortium will create a project called SWoL (Sport Women Leaders) – Promoting equal access of women to leadership positions, promoting a shared governance in the sport associations.

This project will be coordinated by the Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif du Nord (France) with partners ASSIST – Associazione Nazionale Atlete (Italy), Sport Évolution Alliance (Portugal) and the National Olympic Committee of North Macedonia. 

The sub aims of the SWoL project are the following:

  • Create a label for sports clubs that are committed to the promotion and realization of a project related to the feminization of their governance and management. This label will make the approach more visible, will be a driving force for other structures and will thus create a form of emulation. This label will be defined by a set of specifications that will encourage structures to adopt exemplary systems and practices. It will be inspired by existing experiences (to be found in our countries and in our neighbors) but also nourished by innovative actions.
  • A charter will be created and the club claiming the label will have to sign this charter of commitment and do everything possible to ensure that gender equality is respected in a sustainable manner.
  • All of these materials will be made available on a digital tool that will be widely communicated. We hope that this project will be a further step towards a large-scale action if a large number of countries take it up afterwards.

This project will go through the following stages:

  1. Sharing of good practices
  2. Guide
  3. Specifications
  4. Charter
  5. Monitoring of 3″test” clubs per country
  6. Labeling

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Small Scale Partnership
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2023
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Comite Departemental Olympique et Sportif du Nord – France
Partner – Assist-Associazione Nationale Atlete – Italy
Partner – Makedonski Olimpiski Komitet Skopje – North Macedonia
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal

Total Budget of the Project: 60.000,00
Total Budget of SEA: 14.040,00

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