Spectrum of Inclusion

About Spectrum of Inclusion

“Spectrum of Inclusion” aims to create more inclusive opportunities for young people with migrant/refugee backgrounds in their communities. By working together, we are one step further on the path to reaching our aim: a more inclusive environment. 

This project will include 25 young people and 5 group leaders coming from 5 countries: Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Croatia. The planned workshops and activities are designed to empower young people with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for acting and behaving inclusively and fighting discrimination and segregation. The activities will be based on the non-formal education. 

The sub aims of the Spectrum of Inclusion project are the following:

  • To develop key competencies for lifelong learning, mainly intercultural competence. This will raise self-awareness in relation to prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination
  • To create meaningful contacts among young people from different EU countries and socio-economic-cultural backgrounds, in a non-formal and informal learning setting
  • To improve the resilience skills of youth by fostering self-awareness and self-confidence, and by learning strategies to cope with the challenges of inclusion
  • To explore the question of inclusion in Europe by learning from partner organizations

Funding programme: Erasmus + Youth Exchange
Project Reference – 2022-1-SE02-KA152-YOU-000069067
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2022
Partners listed:

Coordinator – JönköpingsKommun– Sweden
Partner – EuropäischeJanuszKorczak Akademie e.V.– Germany
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Udruga P.O.I.N.T. – Croatia
Partner – COMUNE DI CREMONA – Italy

Total Budget of the Project: 26.919,00€ 

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