About Seniors active at home

SenAte is a pilot project with which we hope to bring physical activity to the homes or assisted living facility of the elderly to increase their daily physical activity and their general level of health, all thanks to technology. In addition to piloting, the project aims to achieve more than 3,000 downloads of the SenAte app during the life of the project and to reach 15,000 downloads by 2030.

“Seniors active at home” (SenAte) focuses on the strategic priorities of digitisation and HEPA, but from a perspective of inclusion of people with a low level of physical activity and sometimes access to these services. SenAte aims to promote physical activity at home as a tool to improve health in the senior population. To do this, the consortium faces the challenge of bringing physical activity sessions to the homes of different social groups of older adults (with digital skills, without digital skills, elderly living independently, institutionalized elderly). Moreover, we will work to involve their young relatives on the promotion and engagement with the use of the app, then working also the intergenerational relations within families.

The Seniors Active at Home project will implement the following activities:

  • Implement a research phase that will provide the necessary knowledge to propose an exercise program at home for the elderly based on evidence;

  • Design, counting with the help of senior adults to know their points of view and needs, and develop a mobile application, in which users can find the necessary resources to follow the exercise program independently;

  • Finally, we will develop a pilot phase in which both the app and the exercise program itself will be evaluated by an estimated sample of 1000 senior adults, thus being able to determine if the use of this technology has been effective or not in promoting physical activity and improving health in the pilot group

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2024
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Syddansk Universitet – Denmark
Partner – Stichting European Network for Innovation and Knowledge – The Netherlands
Partner – Universita Degli Studi Gabriele D’Annunzio Di Chieti-Pescara – Italy
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Maieutica Cooperativa de Ensino Superior – Portugal
Partner – E-Seniors: Initiation Des Seniors Aux NTIC Association – France
Partner – Cuicui Studios S.L. – Spain                 

Total Budget of the Project: 400.000,00
Total Budget of SEA: 40.000,00

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