Recycling Starts With You!

About Recycling Starts With You!

Sport Evolution Alliance has participated with a team of 8 Youth Workers in the European project “Recycling Starts With You!”. This is an international youth exchange project which aims to gather 50 young people aged 17-30 and 5 leaders from 5 countries in Budapest – Hungary, with the aim to increase the social responsibility projects and raise awareness of the damages to the environment and living beings caused by the waste materials.

Main objectives

  • Ensuring people not to throw out recyclable materials such as paper, glass and plastic in the environment
  • Enabling them to comprehend the importance of recycling in terms of consumption, economy and environment
  • Contributing to raising younger generations with sensitivity to the environment
  • Raising awareness against the damages to the environment and living beings caused by the waste materials
  • Providing information about what can be done regarding recycling the waste materials
  • Increasing the social responsibility project in which youngsters put their signatures
  • Helping the Erasmus + program with reaching broader masses

Funding programme: Erasmus + Youth Exchange
Project Reference: 2020-3-HU01- KA105-093701
Period: 25/01/2022 to 30/01/2022
Partners listed:
Coordinator – World of Change – Hungary

Beneficiary – YouthBCN – Spain

Beneficiary – Embaixada da Juventude – Portugal

Beneficiary – NGO World of Change – North Macedonia

Beneficiary – Zift Organisation – Turkey

Beneficiary – Step by step youth – Georgia

Benecifiary – Youth in one – Hungary

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