About Post4Hope

During the project, different activities will be implemented, involving the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of young people. In this way, the participants will stimulate their involvement in world issues such as natural disasters and contribute more knowledge on this topic. Participants will learn how to use social media in the most beneficial way possible. So, other youngsters will be influenced to follow their steps. Social media will be presented not only as a source of entertainment, but also as a place where young people and teenagers, even adults, can learn about important topics. At the same time, they will bring more attention to worldwide problems, which in turn enlarges the chance of them being solved.

The sub aims of the Post4Hope project are the following:

  • Raising public awareness of ongoing problems and crises worldwide through social media platforms
  • Showing the youngsters, the beneficial and effective use of social media
  • Educating people of the dangers of natural disasters and similar crises and ways to help in situation like this
  • Stimulating and enhancing the young people’s involvement in worldwide problems

Funding programme: Erasmus + Youth Exchange
Project Reference: 2020-2-ES02-KA105-015275
Period: 01-08-2020 to 30-04-2022

Partners listed:
Coordinator – International Initiatives for Cooperation Galicia – Spain
Beneficiary – 4YOUTH – Greece
Beneficiary – Jugendwerk der AWO Wuerttemberg e.V. – Germany
Beneficiary – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal

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