Kick-Off Meeting of the Schoolyard Games Project

The Schoolyard Games Project is officially underway!  On December 20, SEA was at the kick-off online meeting with the other partners – OTI (Slovakia), Youth Eurasia (Turkey), and Lagerta (Serbia).

Our mission in this project? To revolutionize schoolyard games and promote inclusivity, gender equality, and cultural exchange.  Throughout the project, we’ll be curating a vibrant collection of games played by children during their leisure time at school. These games will not only be fun but will also foster a sense of belonging for vulnerable and marginalized groups.

But that’s not all! We’re turning these games into short videos, delving into their rules, variations, necessary equipment, and essential communication skills. Plus, we’ll be exploring and sharing the cultural values embedded in each activity.

Why? Because we want this collection to be a go-to resource for coaches organizing mass sports activities, teachers, parents, and children eager to embrace intercultural, inclusive, and balanced play. Our aim is clear – to support physical activity at school and create an active, healthy environment.

Join us on this incredible journey as we work towards a future where schoolyards are lively hubs of positive, inclusive energy!

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