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About Inclusion Reloaded

Sport can provide an arena for social interactions between persons with and without disabilities, which makes sport a valuable tool for promoting inclusion and mutual understanding. What is important is to support the further education and training of physical education teachers, coaches, other sports staff and volunteers in general, with or without disabilities, by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, specific skills and appropriate competence recognition to enable them to include persons with disabilities in different physical education or sports settings.

The project is built on 4 main pillars:

The main goals of this project will be the following:

  • Exchange of good practices and experience of 8 project partners and network for the increased capacities of each partner involved.

  • Joint action of 8 project partners to develop new methodologies for an inclusive approach in sport mainly for teachers of physical education and sports club staff.

  • Practical implementation of the inclusive sports methodologies by teachers of physical education and sports club staff in the local schools and sport clubs

  • Empowerment of local communities, especially children and youth to combat intolerance

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2023 to 06/2025
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Klub za Osnazivanje Mladih 018 Udruzenje – Serbia
Partner – Faculty of Sport And Physical Education University of Nis – Serbia
Partner – Paraolimpijski Komitet Srbije – Serbia
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Beyond Borders ente del Terzo Settore – Italy
Partner – CESIE – Italy
Partner – Udruzenje Plivacki Klub Spid – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Partner – Sportski klub za slijepe i slabovidne “Centar” Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total Budget of the Project: 250.000,00 €
Total Budget of SEA: 33.100,00 €

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