Holistic sport-based Rehabilitation programmes to support youth Impacted by Covid-19

About HRIC

HRIC adopts a holistic approach grounded on the concepts of psychophysical and mental health to support the inclusion of vulnerable young people (16-30) who suffer from anxiety, depression, psychological breakdown and PTSD and who have been particularly affected from the period of covid isolation and have experienced repercussions on their mental health.

The methodological combination and synergy between Education Through Sport (ETS) and practical/theoretical elements of psychology will be embodied and multiplied through the creation of innovative profiles of sports coaches and social operators in supporting persons who were already suffering from depression, anxiety and stress management and for whom the pandemic period has increased and worsened their state, toward the achievement of psychophysical wellbeing and integration within Sports practice and, by extension, society.

The main goals & Activities of the project are the following:

  • Encourage the participation of this vulnerable target group to practice sports activities 
  • Develop a Manual containing a strategic approach for the target group
  • Training format for sports Coaches and social operators on psychophysical support to persons affected by psychological breakdown, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, combining ETS and psychology (theory and techniques)
  • Creating synergy between sports and social services sectors
  • The creation of a Handbook with mental health and sports programmes
  • Elaborate policy recommendations to decision-makers and stakeholders

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2023 to 06/2025
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Federazione Italiana Pallavolo – Italy
Partner – Zajednica Sportskih Udruga Grada Rijeke Rijecki Sportski Savez – Croatia
Partner – Mine Vaganti NGO – Italy
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Univerzitetni Rehabilitacijski Institut Republike Slovenije-Soca – Slovenia

Total Budget of the Project: 250.000,00 €
Total Budget of SEA: 48.000,00 €

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