Hemsball, Rising Sun For Autism

Hemsball, Rising Sun For Autism

The main idea of this project is to introduce a brand new sport Hemsball which isn’t known in Europe and share our pre-study results showing the beneficial effects of Hemsball on children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) by comparing them later with the post-study results.

Hemsball will enhance an innovative approach in our study as being a brand new sports branch which can be played everywhere, at every age by everyone. In this project, all partners will be working equally to carry out training for our target group of autistic children.

The sub aims of the Hemsball, Rising Sun For Autism project are the following:

  • We aim to digitalise our project and enhance Hemsball to create a brand new vision in Europe so, share it as much as we can via digital environments, easily understood guides, training exercises, video records and social media tools
  • Moreover, the video records of children involved in the study, the training section records, and before and after study reports will be used and organised to design an e-guide book for the trainers of autistic children all around the world to share the benefits of this study and help more children with autism. There won’t be a published version due to our idea of an eco-friendly approach to save the environment. Everyone who needs or is interested will be able to reach and download the e- guide book on our project website without registering or paying money.
  • During the project management period, we also aim to create a synergy between the countries by working together on encouraging autistic children to be involved in sports and help them to be successful at sports.

Some of the efforts in the agreement which support our project ideas are as in the following decisions:

  • Contribute to resource mobilization for research on public health aspects of ASDs and other developmental disorders.
  • Facilitate the engagement of local communities, including local academic institutes, and the uptake of research findings.
  • Contribute to enhancing and raising international awareness about the needs of children with ASD
  • Contribute to and support evidence generation, by informing and participating in research, inpartnership with research institutes and international organizations

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Small Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2022
Partners listed:
Coordinator  – AydinGenclikveSporilMudurlugu – Turkey
Partner – DenizliOtizmDernegi – Turkey
Partner – Centro UniversitarioSportivo Palermo– Italy
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal

Total Budget of the Project: 60.000,00 €
Total Budget of SEA: 10.950,00 €

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