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About GE FORCE - Lead the Change, Be the Change

In recent years, numerous codes of good governance have been published in countries around the world with recommendations on good corporate governance for large organizations. However, in the field of sport, although the group of European experts on good governance points out that it remains a priority for governments and stakeholders, little studies and few research showed women participation in all sectors and in particular in the sport field decision making.

Gender Equality FORCE (GE FORCE) aims to empower the sport organisations to balance the gender in their leadership positions. By providing awareness, guidance, and support to the “new leaders” of sport, we aspire them to be part of the necessary change to promote diversity and inclusion.

The 3 main aims of the GE FORCE project are the following:

  • Deep research about gender equality in the leadership of sport organizations

  • Raising awareness and empowering the future leaders about gender equality

  • Develop an online consultancy system to support sport organization to adopt measures regarding gender equality.

The GE Force project will implement the following activities:

  • Hold 5 work packages and develop an Educational Program that will reach 56 participants, equally divided according to their gender

  • Consultancy System will be available for any sport organization, regardless of their level and of the country of origin.

  • For the massification of the project, a Final Conference will be organised with the presence of relevant stakeholders

  • Handbook with guidelines for GE FORCE implementation will also be provided, allowing any organization in the Members States to adopt this project

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2022 to 12/2023
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Makedonski Olimpiski Komitet Skopje – North Macedonia
Partner – Champions Factory Ireland United – Ireland
Partner – Stichting European Network for Innovation and Knowledge – Netherlands
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Comité Olímpico Cabo-verdiano – Cape Verde
Partner – Instytut Sportzu – Poland
Partner – Assist-Associazione National Atlete – Italy          

Total Budget of the Project: 400.000,00
Total Budget of SEA: 69.370,00

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