Athletes Speakers

About Athletes Speakers - Helping Athletes to find their voice as they transition from sport to life

Athletes Speakers aims to develop, test and implement an innovative tailor-made education and training programme that empowers elite athletes to become active through the improvement of their communication skills.

The main goals of the ATHLETES Speakers project are the following:

  • To research other communication programmes focused on communication for athletes
  •  To create and offer an innovative programme focused on the development of athletes’ communication skills.
  • To raise awareness and sustainability through the “Athletes Speakers” programme.

In the scope of the project, it will be developed an Education and Training programme, alongside with a MOOC, specific tutorials held on a Youtube Channel and a Handbook with guidelins to implement the programme the increase athlete’s voice. 

We aim to engage with 56 active elite athletes, who are in need of support to improve their public image and recognition as role models, which primarily affects their upcoming career transition.  

Funding programme: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnership
Period – 01/2023 to 12/2024
Partners listed:
Coordinator – Makedonski Olimpijski Komitet Skopje – North Macedonia 
Partner – Stichting European Network for Innovation and Knowledge – The Netherlands
Partner – Champions Factory Ireland Limited – Ireland
Partner – Sport Evolution Alliance – Portugal
Partner – Bulgarian Paralympic Association – Bulgaria
Partner – Asociación de Jugadores de Fútbol Sala – Spain
Partner – Slovensky Olympijsky a Sportovy Vybor – Slovakia

Total Budget of the Project: 400.000,00 €
Total Budget of SEA: 75.760,00 €

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